Saturday, 3 March 2012

Lost Love

“She was my first love and maybe she is the last……”

I know that she was never going to be mine, but still she was the only one all I ever wanted in my life;

It is not her beauty/attitude/behaviour; it’s more than something that made me to fell in love with her;

Once we were best friends forever, but now we are just strangers;
I was addicted to her, but it’s hard to get over the addiction;

I wanted her to be my support until my last breath, but she left me in the middle where it is hard to sustain without her;

I surrendered myself to her, but she is not ready to accept my surrenderance;
Each day of my life ends with a regret that, “why I lost her?” with moist eyes and feelings rolling down my cheeks from the depth of my heart;

“She was my first love and maybe she is the last……”

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